Ebook Training Packages 

"Every Journey of 10,000 Miles Starts with a Single Step." 
Each of my Mini-MBA Series of 'Business Growth Success A-Z for Entrepreneurs' downloadable ebook training packages is a 1-month self-help guide providing you with a 1-page introduction for each subject with daily action points for 26 days. These include my own suggested action points combined with a section in which you can write your own action points and apply this to your own business growth success. These will show you how to apply my 10,000 Steps, Short Medium and Long-term, and Three Tasks Models to your own business. You can simply write 3 action points of your own for each day. To grow your business exponentially, you can break your 3 action points down into 3 more each to get 9 action points. Multiply by 3 once again and you will have 27 action points to include in your short, medium and long-term plans along your business growth success journey of 10,000 Steps. 
For a limited time only £9.99 for 35 years of experience in this ebook training package! 
This ebook training package is suitable for business owners including creatives & translators  
and includes: 
26 pages of Daily Action Points for your Action, Business, Marketing and Sales Plans 
Daily tips tools and techniques for your own Business Growth Success 
My own Suggested Action Points to get you started 
Your own Action Points Section 
Certificate of Completion 
More downloadable ebook, books, pre-recorded videos and audiobook training versions coming soon! 
Call me on 07817 030527 for a free no-obligation 20 minute chat about how my 1-2-1 business growth success mentoring can help you with your business growth success. 
Mini-MBA Series of 'Business Growth Success A-Z for Entrepreneurs' Ebook Training Packages - How Can I Help You? 
In these ebook training packages, I share tried and tested business models, positive affirmations, and my own experience working and mentoring others in business growth success to provide easy-to-read, user-friendly, action plans for daily use to help you to focus on the projects that need to be rolled out for your own business growth success.  
In these on-demand, bitesized, learn-in-your-own time ebook training packages, I share the knowledge I have gained from my own professional working life and qualifications, to help you to apply Theory in Practice. This is done by applying the 'Three Tasks Model' across each of these books, giving you access to a 3-Point Daily Action Plan
“Never content to rest on her laurels, JoJo has once more come out with a contribution to the field, this time with a suite of books chock-full of great information about making your start-up come to life and succeed! These are the right books at the right time, as the author takes on the pandemic, its impact on business and strategies to keep your business not only afloat but growing during these troubled times. The significant China experience and knowledge JoJo brings to the table also shines through here. Even if your business isn't China-related, there's plenty here to help. I firmly recommend any of JoJo's consultations or products as a great way to save yourself hours -- really weeks and months -- of reinventing the wheel by listening to someone who knows!" Terry Thatcher, Translator and Interpreter 
MBA from Lancaster University Management School ranked in Top 2% of International Business Schools (AMBA Association of MBAs) 
I gained an MBA from the Top 2% international business schools ranked (AMBA) Lancaster University Management School, where I specialised in Entrepreneurship, International Marketing, and Strategic Business Growth Planning. I have combined this knowledge with my BA Hons in Mandarin Chinese and French, and 35 years of experience working in bilingual contexts in 4 continents, namely Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 
Business Growth Success Models 
My Mini-MBA series of ebooks allows you to understand more about the key business growth success models and concepts which have helped me to grow numerous prestigious public and private organisations from pre-startup concept to successful, thriving, multinational organisations, and apply this to my own freelance business growth mentoring, translation, and language training business. 
Hardcopy Pre-Recorded Video and Audiobook Formats Coming Soon! 
Each ebook can be used separately or as part of a set, and will soon also be available in hard copy, pre-recorded video and audiobook formats. 
From Startup Onwards - Tips Tools and Techniques 
Each ebook contains numerous tips, tools and techniques for business owners at all levels of business growth, to help you to successfully grow your business from startup upwards during any stage of business growth. In this Mini-MBA series of ebooks, I share business growth top tips, tools, and techniques which have helped me during my time working overseas setting up joint ventures, assisting both public and private companies, either from an initial concept or already established and entering into new international markets. 
Ebook Training Packages for Business Owner Entrepreneurs 
These ebooks have been written using a user-friendly easy to read format. They can therefore be used to introduce a summary of points to note, to include new startup business owners, students in schools, colleges, and Universities studying business programmes, and Managers and business owners of established companies planning to grow their businesses to the next level. If new to any of these business concepts, these ebooks will assist you with your learning and continuing professional development, and if you are familiar with these business concepts, they will act as a reminder, and give you some food for thought for your strategic business planning, whatever the size and type of your organisation or role within. 
These ebook training packages are based on my own experiences of working internationally, both in the corporate world, as well as working as a freelancer managing my own business working from home. 
Device User-Friendly Downloadable and Printable Training Packages 
These are reader-friendly, and can be read quickly on an e-reader or phone, as well as downloaded and printed off for use as a 1-month set of daily action plan training materials. 

Interested in viewing a sample? 

Sample Pages with Introduction and Your Free Bonus Additional Business Strategy PESTLE Analysis Page here! 

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